How to do a beautiful make up without special tools

Everyday we watch those gorgeous videos from bloggers about how to do a gorgeous make up and we can hear all names of all brushes and tools and make up, right?

Mainly for who just started in this make up life, is important to know that all these brushes and all those make ups are really good, that’s for sure, and it’s important to have and use the right brush, even though you can do such a great make up with cheap products and not very special.

Then, how can I do such a make up without too much things?

Start with your skin: If you have a very dry skin, search for creamy and oily products, if you have a very oily skin, search for products in gel or liquids, you can also abuse a bit of powder.

By your skin color: If your skin is very light, don’t choose products in color medium or dark. “Oh but summer is coming, I wanna look tanner!” Ok, okay, no problem, but you don’t want people to look to your bronze face and to your very white chest right? You can use a little bit of bronze since there’s a harmony in your face and between your face and the rest of your body and you can also enjoy the summer and get that natural bronze from your head to the toes right? The same works for who has a tan skin or a very and pretty dark skin, be very careful with translucent powder, it can look so much different from your skin and will look like you feel with your head only in a jar of flour haha awkward! Use primer, foundation, powder, bronzer, according to your skin color ALWAYS!

By your eyelashes: If you have small eyelashes, buying a bit longer fake eyelashes always worthies. If yours are thicker, choose thinner ones. If thin, choose thicker ones. If you naturally have  long and thick eyelashes, don’t use fake ones, unless you need to, you can use the famous eyelash curler 🙂 It works for any kind of eyelash. When you borrow a fake eyelash, be careful and watch out if you wont look like a drag queen, unless you have to.

Now, let’s talk about we’re interested in:

Step #1: Clean your face! It’s always good to use ASTRINGENT to open and clean deeply the pores not hurting your skin, TONIC to close pores and revitalize you skin with that suave fresh, SCRUBS to make your skin softer and remove your zits(don’t touch your zits, use scrubs!) and for last, MOISTURIZING preferably with sun screen, you don’t want your skin after all that kinda dry right? SUN SCREEN is not just to use when you go to the pool or to the beach, You have lamps in your house and anywhere else you go too, lamps lights kills your skin cells making you look tired and old soon. This fairy story that if you only eat well and don’t need any kind of product is bull, now a days we have pollution and lights, sun lights and beyond, you have to protect your skin. Well, if you still don’t have any of these products, and you have to do a make up asap, make sure you wash and clean your face as well as you can so you can have a clean and suave make up 🙂

Before you use make up, clean your face okay? 🙂

Step #2: Primer, foundation, corrective… spread well through your face and corrective only where you have that spot because of a zit or acne or that blur around your eyes, but make sure it all looks as natural as possible. If you started getting your acne, zits and spots now, don’t worry! Do a natural make up even though it shows a little bit of your zits, it’s really ugly to see a heavy make up. If you have too much zits and acne all over your face, go to your doctor, and he/she will recommend you products you can use not just to get your face back but to clean your face and what kind of make ups you can use 😉

Step #3: Eye shadow! This is our favorite part right? It’s okay, I know people who prefer lip stick/gloss but for eye shadows lovers, here some tips: Have you ever seen pictures that looks like the woman has her eyes like circumvented? This is a curve with a dark eye shadow starting from the outer corner of the eye to the middle of the eye, going like a sombre to make the eye look deeper but don’t worry! You wont look like a zombie! Always in the line of the corner of your eye, apply a good quantity of an eye shadow that contrasts with the circumvent eye shadow, for example, a light brown, gray, green, light pink, antique pink, purple, depends on your make up, making a half circle on the contour in the crease of your eye; avoid the inside corner of your eye this part is always lighter, although not getting close to your eyebrow nor covering your eyelid. On top of this good quantity, as a line, apply a very dark eye shadow color you want that matches with your make up:dark brown, black, old navy, dark purple… you decide! Make a line applying more from the outer corner of your eye and disappearing in the middle or close to the inside corner of your eye, always like a half circle. In your eyebrow although you have a naturally lifted eyebrow, always use a very light color, this way you’ll have a irresistible look and wont look like a drag queen! Always, after each apply of eye shadow, sombre it soft with a clean brush, so your make up wont look heavy nor falling inside your eyes but naturally gorgeous! Always use colors that match each other and highlight your look it doesn’t matter if you’re doing a natural make up or very light one, you can use antique pink, beige, dark brown, pearl white in your eyebrow, it’s pretty, suave and very highlighted, no mistakes and perfect for any occasion. You can also use eyeliner in pencil or liquid and fake eyelashes. Is also really good to use mascara, it helps even more your make up.

Step #4: Blush! This is the part where loooootsss of people make mistakes! Blush is not a blur nor a small circle in your cheeks nor a blur in all over your cheeks. Blush is to give you back that natural blur you have but your primer and foundation took off, also to make your cheek liner stronger, for example: If you have a rounded cheeks you can use a bronzer like a line in the middle of your cheeks, not too the way up nor too the way down, it’s from the top of your ear to your mouth but just till the middle of the way. On top of your bronzer and covering your bronzer, you can use a pink blush (or purple blush if you have a very dark skin) but not like a circle, more like a blur covering your cheeks but once again, always looking natural! If you don;t have bronzer, you can use your eye shadows natural colors 🙂

Step #5: Lip gloss, lip stick, balm, whatever you want! You can use lipliner to contour your lips. They are perfect for not letting your lip stick or lip gloss melt off your lips. If your superior lip is larger than  the inferior one, you can contour your superior lips ending to your inferior or the opposite way works too, depends if you want a larger lips or smaller lips 🙂 If you are using lip gloss, prefer a lipliner that has the same color as your lips, I’m sure you don’t wanna look like a clown’s mouth haha. If your make up is light, you can use a lip stick/gloss light or dark, if your make up is dark, you better use a lip stick/gloss light because you don’t want people to get lost in your face looking to your eye and mouth at the same time, they wont pay attention to you but your make up and trust me, they wont think it’s pretty.

Step #6: Always after that party, that birthday, whatever it was, REMOVE YOUR MAKE UP! Your skin needs to breath and relax, remove your make up with make up remover. Be careful with removers, what works for your face not always works to your eyes, and what works to your eyes, not always woks to your face, read the instructions before using it! If you still don’t have make up remover, make sure you clean your face before going to sleep or to another party and use moisturizing after removing your make up, so your face will look good and young no matter if you are 12 or 51 years old 🙂

That’s all for a while! Hope to have explained and helped you!

Good luck and a great make up work!



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