Look pretty, use accessories!

I think accessories is a meaning of big questions for every girl and women, “Which accessories should I wear tonight?” “I don’t wanna match silver and gold but my earrings are silver and my necklace is golden…” “My bracelets are so old, looks good though but I’m just sick of tired to look at them…””What should I buy? The silver big one or the golden turquoise small one?” – Well, I believe those questions will never stop, but we can make it work right? So here goes few tips for you not to make big mistakes:

Silver and Gold: They can match, but you have to be careful, if you are using a silver and golden bracelet or necklace, you can probably use the rest of the accessories in both colors, but be careful when you use them, maybe your bracelet is delicate and your necklace is wild, they wont probably match at all. Same works for any kind of color.

Colorful: I think they are the best kind of accessories, doesn’t matter if it’s soft, delicate, wild or made from rocks, woods and fabric. Depends on your wear, In most of the cases they are always gonna look good. You just have to choose well, because you don’t wanna wear for example a Prada dress and a wild woods and fabric bracelet or necklace, right?

Purse: You know the best size and fabric for a purse of yours, just make sure you wont go outside with and very old fashioned purse made by your mom or grandma when you were a child. Not every old fashioned accessories can be called vintage. Another important thing: I know that we all sometimes use purse as trash and you can’t even find your keys nor cellphone. Try to keep your purse as clean and organized as possible. Your make up can be all inside a small cute bag, if you have to carry forms and documents, it all can go inside a folder and your money can go all in your wallet or in a pocket, so this way you’ll find everything, specially your keys and cellphone! haha

Shoes: It can also be an accessory. You don’t have to match the color of your shoe with your clothing, as long as you match the kind of shoe and the kind of clothing you are wearing it can work 🙂

About Heels: Is always good and healthy to wear heels, but be careful if you never walked in one before or if it’s too high, super high heels if used too much can cause injury to your feet. If you feel clumsy walking in heels or if you don’t know how to, is simple: walk slow, small steps, strike a pose, lift up your head and always step each feet right in front of the other like drawing a straight line, feel free to walk, you can use your hips and knees when you walk, not much just enough for you not to look like a robot nor a dance striper. When you sit down don’t EVER put your toes up. Keep your foot down. You can cross your legs and slide your legs by your side, so you’ll always look classic and chic! Toes up are extremely gross!

Rings: If you are in a serious relationship, engaged or married, don’t worry about using other rings, you can always use them and not taking off your value ring. try not to use other rings in the same finger or rings that wont match at all with your beautiful loved one.

Necklace: all different kinds and sizes, depends on your clothing, always! Once again, make sure you match your accessories with your clothing, not specifically by color but by style.

Earrings: The same describe of necklace but avoid using heavy earrings, Self example, I used to wear lots of heavy earrings and never thought my ears would be so damaged, but it is. It took me more than 2 years to get back to a normal size, every earrings I used I had to make sure it was closed and tight enough for not to fall and it sucks, now it’s a lot better but I still have to be very careful.

For any other kind of accessories, you’ll always know what’s the best for you, if you don’t feel okay about using big earrings, big necklace or the opposite, don’t be ashamed but be yourself! Just make sure you’ll match them in your style, once again, not actually by color, but by style and that doesn’t mean designer.





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