It’s SPFW folks!

SPFW? Yeah! São Paulo Fashion Week, the biggest fashion event that happens in São Paulo, one of the biggest cities in the world! It happens in three days and starts this next monday 29th! If you are going to Brazil, if you are in Brazil, go to São Paulo, it’s such a great a beautiful city. If you like New York, you are gonna love São Paulo! Where is the event gonna happen?

Fundação Bienal – Parque do Ibirapuera (Bienal Fundation – Ibirapuera Park)
Avenida Pedro Álvares cabral, no number – Portão 3 – São Paulo/SP (no number, Pedro Álvares Cabral Ave, Gate 3,  São Paulo, no zip code, Brazil)

Other locations:

Osklen – Galeria Zipper – Rua Estados Unidos, 1494 – Jardim Paulista
Gloria Coelho – Casa Eletrolux – Rua Colômbia, 157 – Jardim América
Reinaldo Lourenço – Teatro FAAP – Rua Alagoas, 903 – Higienópolis

Dates and times:

29th Mon
  • 12:00 Osklen (Extern)
  • 15:00 Ronaldo Fraga
  • 16:00 Têca por Helô Rocha
  • 17:30 FH por Fause Haten
  • 19:00 Tufi Duek
  • 20:00 Triton
  • 21:00 Ellus
30th Tue
  • 16:00 João Pimenta
  • 17:30 Uma Raquel Davidowicz
  • 19:00 Samuel Cirnansck
  • 20:30 Lino Villaventura
  • 21:30 Colcci
31st Wed
  • 11:30 Gloria Coelho (Externo)
  • 16:00 Alexandre Herchcovitch
  • 17:30 Maria Garcia
  • 19:00 Vitorino Campos
  • 20:15 R.Rosner
  • 21:30 Forum
01st Thu
  • 11:00 Reinaldo Lourenço (Extern)

Now it got hard to miss it right?

If you want more informations, you can go the official FFW website and if it’s all written in Portuguese you just look for a small box at the superior right box Google tradutor and click in the arrow down and look for Ingles and then press the OK button and you can follow everything in English! If you don’t speak English, let us a comment and we’ll help you find your language so you can follow the news!



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