12 Tips to take care of your hair!

Did you know that caps and hats protect your hair from the sun, but – if overused – smother the scalp? Follow these and other essential tips to have a healthy and beautiful hair:

Dry without destroying

· Prefer to use a microfiber towel to dry your hair. It reduces frizz and absorbs water better (crush, but do not rub!).

· Replace the iron curlers by Broad, who also smooth.

· Do not fry your hair! Pass the flat iron only three times on each strand already gives the expected result and does not harm the health of wires.

· Eliminate frizz giving a blast of cold air dry after all the hair.

Create powerful waves

· Use diffuser defining the bunches: the ends, dry upwards and, at the root, from top to bottom.

Let the smooth smoother

· Lose smooth effect drained by applying a bit of mousse at the root.

· When moving the iron on the ends, turn the appliance inside. This ensures that the hair does not get stuck with that finish and has a natural balance.

· Dome smooth wires and rebellious hair with rebuilding every 15 days, made ​​the hall.

In the summer

· Cap and hat protects the wires from the sun, but should be used with caution because smother the scalp.


· Hair faded must receive products containing vitamin E.


· Take a wire and pull. If it stretches like a rubber band, it’s time to make a cauterization.

Day by day

· Sanitize brushes and combs once a month. Let them soak in hot water for 15 minutes. Wash with soap neutral liquid and put to dry in the sun.


Source: Editora Abril MdeMulher



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