13 errors that can damage your hair!

Visit the hairdresser (only) once a year, sloshing through to tidy tips (with wires dirty), forget the conditioner after spending a treatment mask … These attitudes seem normal and commonplace, but, yes, they spoil all her hair. Are you prepared to change some habits? Then check out 13 tips and get a wonderful look all year.

1. Rub the towel

The hair is no longer dry rub with this scrub. To remove the moisture without damaging it, just push the towel carefully. And no make that roll on your head, huh? It breaks all the hair.

2. Replace the mask conditioner

Skin and conditioner are different things. The right is to use shampoo to open the cuticle of the wires, the mask to hydrate them, and then the conditioner, which ends sealing the cuticle.

3. Apply the conditioner root

This increases the greasiness of the hair and dander can give. The conditioner must be used, so only the lengths and ends. Who has short hair should put hands the equivalent of a $ 0.25 coin product and pass lightly, only the very tips.

4. Combing wet hair

Gives up but with the right brush, since wet hair breaks easily. Choose models squares (or paddle) or wooden combs. And embarrassed hair needs combing cream!

5. Make rehydration on the beach

This habit may well intentioned “fry” your hair. Want to keep the strands soft and shiny in the summer? Use products that protect from sunlight.

6. Rinse with water “peeling”

No one needs to take a cold water bath, but there is no need to regulate the shower winter, if it’s summer. Otherwise cuticles open, increasing the oiliness at the root and irritating the scalp. Take a warm bath, okay!

7. Forget the term active

Do not spend a defrizante term activated before drying the wires is a crime! This product protects the hair against heat from the dryer, leaving it healthier.

8. Secure with elastic

It increases hair breakage, besides favoring the fall. Prefer specific models for hair, wide and soft, and even piranhas. And make most ponytails free.

9. Use flat iron to straighten the wires

A flat iron is used to straighten hair after washing and when it is already very dry (after using the dryer or natural drying). Pass the iron to washing the next day, to give basic arranged that facilitates penetration of pollution and other impurities in the hair fiber. No and no!

10. Spending chemistry at home 

Despite the tantalizing economy, and progressive relaxation should be made in the salon beauty, because the chances of something going wrong are great – and the damage irreparable. Ever wonder if you’re bald?

11. Cut each year (or not at all …)

Hair spoils, yes, as much as you take good care of it. Over time, the damaged portion of the prongs increases to the length. Once a year go to the salon and cut a finger does not eliminate split ends!

Source: Editora Abril MdeMulher



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