Things you can do and can’t do:

*Do you want to look younger even though you are young? Smile constantly! People will see in you a nice and confident person, plus, often smiles  helps you against wrinkles and  old looking face.

*When you use products like make up, face cleaner, moisturizing, do you spread it up or down? If you spread it always up towards, you are doing this right! It helps your face and skin to always look vibrant and as you massage your face “up” your muscles will be in the right place and you wont need too much lifting cosmetics so soon.

*It’s not just because you are pregnant you because you are a mom that you need to have a short hair. I don’t have any self experience to say about that, but I know lots of woman who has such long and beautiful hair. My mom always had long hair, if your hair bothers you changing dippers, it’s easy, hold your hair! If you don’t want to have long nails, I totally understand, of course you don’t wanna hurt your baby and give your baby germs, but long hair doesn’t hurt anyone!

*Give your engagement, wedding, or your special rings the value it deserves! Once in awhile take your ring(s) to a jewelry store, so they can polish and adjust your ring if needed. It will probably be expensive but it worths!

*When you go to a beauty store, don’t be enchanted with stuffs you already have, stuffs you don’t need or for a too cheap price. Beauty stores always confuses all of us, so write down a list of everything you really need and designs you trust or the consumer server recommends you. If you see something that is not in your list, concern if you’ll have enough money for that, if you can borrow and buy it next month, but never remove an item of your list for something less important.

*Same thing works when you go buy cloths, shoes, accessories and beyond. If it’s fall/ winter, don’t buy any spring/summer clearance from last fashion. For the next spring/summer, all collections are gonna change and when they come out (by the end of winter) they will all be cheap so you can buy, spend less, and looking good! If it’s winter and you need a long boot, don’t buy a wide open heels just because it’s in clearance. You’ll probably use just once, so buy the boots! Same thing works when it’s spring/summer. Don’t buy any fall/winter clothing. You’ll spend money for nothing. If you are going to the opposite hemisphere, wait until you get there and buy so you’ll be in style.

*Make up. Don’t buy make up that doesn’t work out in your skin, for example, if the primer or the foundation is too oily, or a cream that will make your face shine and you have a oily skin, it will be awful. If you don’t like lipstick, don’t buy one. Unless you really need at that time but you can also use just eyeshadows you already have instead of  a lipstick you’ll probably just use once.

*If you are going to a glamour party, DON’T use those fabric random necklace, reggae bracelets nor a coconut ring. If you don’t know how to walk in heels or don’t like heels, at least make sure you wont wear any random fabric slippers. The worst is if you wear flip flops.

*Same thing works if you are just going to grocery shop from your house. You don’t need to look glamour and famous for that. If you like heels and you wanna look pretty because you love yourself, fine. you can use a simply heels with a skinny pants a shirt, but don’t exaggerate, don’t wear something with glitter or shinny, especially if its during the day.


*If you are going to a wedding or a child party, DON’T go in black. It can look really rude of you. Unless you were requested so. The opposite works too. If you are going to a wedding, It doesn’t matter if you are the gown’s mother or the bride’s mother. The only white dress at the event belongs to the bride, unless THE BRIDE asks her bridesmaids so, and only her bridesmaids. This is her time to be in white and all attentions need to go to the bride. Don’t take that from her, it’s her time, not yours.


*At work, choose for beautiful, clean and modest cloths even in the hottest days. There is so many cloths that can make you look gorgeous, modest and fresh during the summer. You just need to go in a few more stores 😉 when you look clean and modest, people pay attention on what you are saying, they will look at your cloths and they will respect you. It doesn’t mean you’ll look like and old boring lady, you can look fashion, gorgeous, clean and modest, and people will take you serious and so your job. In a interview, the same works and choose neutral colors such as brown, antique pink, pearl but never white nor black except for accessories and try not to wear too much bracelets, specially those ones that when you move your hands they make noise, use a discrete necklace, ONE pair of a small pearl ring, rings you must use like an engagement and wedding ring or a family ring. If you are wearing dress, make sure they cover your knees and it’s not too straight  and won’t show parts of yours the people shouldn’t see.

*In summer, DON’T wear boots and during the winter, DON’T wear summer fresh cloths.

*If you don’t have money, if you don’t like, or if you live too far from a beauty saloon, that’s totally fine, but it doesn’t mean you are allowed to go outside looking like a freak! Brush your hair carefully and soft. wash your hair at least 3 times a week, rehydrate your hair every week or every 2 weeks and cut your hair just one little finger every month. You can do braids, coke, curls and straight without expensive tools. If you have a rounded face, rather not to have a short haircut. If you have a thin face, do beings, whatever size it is: above your eyebrows, from to a side to another, in your nose’s line, but not longer than that!










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